Daily affirmations have changed my life

Hello dreamer, welcome aboard!

Every once in a while, as human beings, we need reminders of how worthy we are of all beautiful things the world can offer if we just let it. Too often I find myself falling back to old thinking habits and lifestyles. This blog post is all about how daily affirmations have shifted my consciousness or focus for the better and helped change my life.

A recent recollection of me falling back into old, unhealthy habits is during lockdown in April up until July. During that difficult period, I found myself forgetting who I am and how worthy I am of love, care and affection. There were times when the only thing I really cared about was Netflix and sleeping, I never ate or got out of bed much. I found it hard to accept that I was falling into a deep depression and unbearable anxiety. It felt like I was carrying the weight of the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and Gender-based violence campaigns on my shoulders. It took me getting to where I am now to realise how much my family was suffering because of having to witness me suffer through out those months. It also took me a bit of self love to not be so hard on myself for things I can't control during the course of this year.

In the past years, I had been at a position where I was listening and practising a lot of matras and affirmations but I quickly forgot how much they would help me see the important details of my life. This year, I intentionally practised affirmations everyday and I can't be more hopeful. In fact, I wish someone would have reminded me of how game changing and life saving they can be.

I often listen to one daily affirmation by Leeor Alexandra every morning or evening when I shower (depending on how I feel). This particular Youtube video titled 'Self-esteem and worthiness affirmations' has helped me in many ways that I thought it wouldn't. I have been intentionally manifesting what I need in my life more, I have been living consciously and catching myself whenever I try to self loath or guilt trip myself over something I did in the past. These beautiful words by Leeor Alexandra have helped me shift my focus from self sabotaging to self helping.

I remember my life as a depressed 15 year old kid who was sick of feeling numb and out of touch with the world around me. I turned to matras and daily affirmations. If I could put the process it took to get those affirmations to work for me in a few steps, it would be like this:

  1. Visit Youtube and search daily affirmations (be sure to be specific to your own needs i.e daily affirmations for when feeling anxious). As one would guess, there are several videos that will pop up. Be sure to listen by skipping ahead to see if it is the one for you.

  2. After finding the video that has affirmations that you like, write or think of your intention with those daily affirmations and what you hope to get from practising those daily affirmations (i.e I hope to feel less anxious and more grounded into seeing the bigger perspective on my current situation)

  3. Choose a suitable time for you to practise your affirmations everyday or every once in two days.

  4. Choose a video that has affirmations you don't mind repeating for 21 days (to form a habit of you practising affirmations)

  5. To know which video is right for you to practise for 21 days, you could try different videos everyday/ week

  6. Be honest with yourself about how much time you can realistically spend practising your daily affirmations (personally, I dread listening to the same thing everyday so I listen and say the affirmations when I'm taking a 10 minute shower to spice things up)

  7. As a constant, gentle reminder of helpful daily affirmations you can include in your practice, check out my Instagram story or daily affirmations highlight on Instagram.

  8. Be patient with yourself, everything worth having takes time.

With these short steps, my hope is that you receive help in loving and improving yourself just like I have.

K bye xx