Hey there dreamers, welcome aboard!

"Sometimes you'll feel things that you thought you healed from and that's okay... Reminiscing doesn't mean you're relapsing."

From what felt like six months of a break, I am back to planting myself on everything wellness. I'm back! I can't promise it is for good but it is for now. I came across my old Instagram posts about the blog and instantly felt the urge to write to heal again. This post dives into how I am currently processing forgiveness. My hope for you is that you can get an insight into how forgiveness plays a role in your life through my life experience.

For the better part of this month of May, I have been struggling to let go and forgive others and myself. I would love to come onto this platform and provide you with tips, but I am still going through this forgiveness process myself and do not know where it will land me. I do hope writing this blog will provide me with clarity and the willingness to forgive.

I do not want to delve into the gory details of which events made me feel so unforgiving because that would only magnify the negative and not bring about a solution for me but rather more resentment. I have concluded that the resentment I am feeling is caused by hurt. When that hurt had no place to go, it turned into anger. That anger turned into resentment. This has led to unforgiving. It is almost like that hurt was searching for a place for so long because I could not place it anywhere until I placed it on anger. Now it had a place to call home. Now it felt like I had a direction on what I wanted to do about the hurt. We all know that bottling things up only makes it worse. This is a prime example of that.

I set this intention to write this post because I have realized that anger is not a good place to place hurt. It only weighs you down. It has been weighing me down, even when I didn't notice it. I have spent days and nights pondering why I felt so hurt and what to do about the hurt that was taking away from being present for crucial events for the people I care about. I realize this now and want to rectify my actions to those around me. Most of all, I want to rectify my actions towards myself. I want to metaphorically give myself a huge and comforting hug, by validating all these feelings and letting them go.

K bye