My Inspiration

Hello dreamer, welcome aboard

"It's good to take your time, but don't waste time pondering on whether you can do it or not, just dive in."

-Asisipho Mnyaka

I've learned this through months or should I say, some time close to a year of procrastinating this blog. I have come up with the conclusion that nothing is ever as ready as we would like it but through learning and taking in constructive criticism from all of my readers and followers, I will look back and thank myself for ever starting.

I am a black, Xhosa child who hopes to achieve all her dreams, just like you hope to achieve yours. I was raised by a community of mothers, brothers, uncles, teachers, peers, sisters, fathers, and aunts to offer a hand where I can. This is what I aim to do for you. I am here to create a community of helping and sharing knowledge as well as receiving knowledge and a helping hand with navigating ways to grow ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, and intellectually in a healthy manner.

Left: my sister on my aunt's lap; right: me.

This picture reminds me so much of the support, love, and guidance I grew up with. It reminds me to always be of help.

That was a long intro, to say the least. Moving on to the reason why you clicked on this post in the first place:

My inspiration comes from not knowing where to turn for advice, knowledge in order to better myself spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, and intellectually. I feel this deep desire to know more ways to improve myself and become a better version of myself than I was yesterday. I have decided to focus my attention on everything health and wellness-based (this includes tips and tricks to grow yourself in all aspects of your life)

I don't know much about life but I do know that each time I learn something new, the more I realize that there is so much to learn in this world and that humbles me. I'm not an expert in any of the knowledge I share with you but I can testify that all I share is what works for me. Understand that what works for me might not work for you (so take all that I share with a pinch of salt).

I trust that through my writing you will get to know more about me and interpret my words as a form of healing, comfort to not feel so alone in this growth in life thing.

Please feel free to leave a comment down below. I would love some constructive criticism from all of you dreamers about where your interests lie in relation to health and wellness in your lives.

Let's grow together!