Staying productive during the festive season

Hey dreamers! Welcome aboard

I am guilty of being sucked in too deep into the toxic positivity culture. The astonishing thing is that it felt somehow misleading to be so positive in the past even when I knew that I should be focusing on feeling those emotions at that exact time so I can let them go and heal better. This was before I knew anything about toxic positivity. Since being aware of this culture, I've been trying to feel everything at whatever moment it comes.

This new growth has led me to really want to change my habits for the long run one festive at a time. In the past, I always saw holidays as a time to be lazy, lounge, and do nothing but get bored. Doing those things does not resonate with me at this moment in my life. The change I will be implementing is doing something I love and enjoy instead of being on my phone most of the time.

I understand that being 'productive' may not resonate with readers who spend most of their holidays filled with outdoor activities and holidays. As an individual who spends most of my festive season indoors, I am trying my hardest to make sure that I do not fall into the trap of idling this festive.

I have been following a loosely planned daily schedule which consists of:

  • Waking up at around the same time every day. This is usually around 8:30 am

  • Brushing my teeth before I begin consuming anything

  • Having a hot beverage of plain water when I get up

  • Journalling my dreams or feelings, and thoughts on the days I feel like it

  • Bathing before I put makeup on or do my hair

  • Eating at least two times a day (because sometimes I forget to eat or just don't feel like eating.)

  • Going to bed, at the latest, before 01:00 am

My goal is to implement this change while also being mindful of being toxically topically positive and productive because I resorted to doing this in the past, especially when I am anxious. I plan to keep these habits going for as long as I need to. These are bound to change because sometimes, change is beautiful. If they drastically change, that's also okay, and in that period, I will need to remind myself to be more gentle, and understanding with myself.

You may be experiencing a reality where all you want to do is idle and mindlessly scroll on your phone, that's also okay, but just remember to take a breather, talk to the family and friends that you are spending the festive because too much of anything is never good. You may also be experiencing a time where you also want to change some festive habits you have, I trust that you will find this useful.

K bye! xx